Global Conflicts

Latin America

Target group: Grade 13+

Learning objectives: Learn about Latin-America’s struggles on human rights and democracy.

Latin America is one of the most turbulent, poverty-stricken and violent parts of the world. Its people face a grim host of problems ranging from political violence and corruption to modern slavery. Our job is to dig deep and look hard for the truths many others turn a blind eye to, and to tell the story to the world.

In Global Conflicts, you are brought closer to a series of problems that are occurring across the world in 5 missions – yet, these problems are far from the every-day that the students traditionally witness. You will interact with individuals who are greatly affected by these conflicts.

You are forced to navigate a virtual chaotic world, in which there is no one truth. The games challenge the way you perceive conflicts and society while encouraging you to analyze and relate to international issues, such as globalization, corruption, democracy and human rights. The Global Conflicts series has won numerous awards.

The Global Conflicts series has won numerous prizes ex. BETT. The games make it possible for players to explore and learn about different conflicts across the globe. In Global Conflicts, you perceive the world through the eyes of a journalist who is attempting to find the best possible story.


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