Target group: Kindergarten and early school

Learning objectives: Learn about letters and numbers.

The Trunky Memory Game is a matching game with an educational twist. In this game, there are 3 categories (pictures, words, and numbers) with numerous game modes in each. Apart from matching pictures, you can also match words to words, letters, and pictures. In the numbers category, you can match equations to their answer, or numbers to roman numerals, the written form of the number, or pictures. There is something for everyone at all levels! Success is measured in how quickly you can clear the board in each round.

Games modes included:

Pictures: Pictures
Capital letter: Small letter
Capital letter: Capital letter
Word: First letter (includes customised list option)
Word: Picture
Word: Word (includes customised list option)
Number: Picture
Number: Number
Number: Roman Numeral
Number: Written word for number
Number: Addition/Subtraction equations

Parents, you can even choose which games will appear in rotation and create you own word list for kids to practice!

The word list is based on some sight words that are important for reading as well as popular words among children. You can always add the words you would like to practice on the list. Children also practice numbers from 1-20.

The idea for Trunky started years ago with an ambition to develop fun learning games to educate young children in an engaging way. The award-winning team’s vision was nurtured by years of experience making games for teachers, parents and kids with powerful learning and educational content.

Educational material

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