Learn letters

Target group: Kindergarten and early school

Learning objectives: Learn about letters

Finally an app for kids that have some real classic arcade game to it. Run, dogde and jump to get all the letters for a full word.

The idea for Trunky started years ago with an ambition to develop fun learning games to educate young children in an engaging way. The award-winning team’s vision was nurtured by years of experience making games for teachers, parents and kids with powerful learning and educational content.

The game was developed in collaboration with experts in game-based learning to achieve the proper balance between learning and playing that works so well in the best edutainment games.

In the game, children navigate Trunky to find the right letters for a word. Once he collects them, Trunky is thrilled and celebrates.

Learning over 200+ Dolch Words (High Frequency) will help your child learn to read better. Reading successfully requires a strong base in phonemic awareness and mastering common sight words, among others. Dolch words are 220 words that include the most frequently used words in the English language and have been compiled based on words used in children’s reading books. Therefore, teaching Dolch words is a crucial goal for children in grades kindergarten through 3. Repitition and practice make the recognition of such sight words more automatic, which leads to greater reading fluency and comprehension. In most schools, it is a requirement for the kids to know these without sounding them out.

Game Contents
* Three difficulty levels to keep kids engaged, and get them started easily to learn letters and words.
* The game has more than 200 words based on the Dolch words.
* The entire alphabet is covered.
* Lots of positive feedback that kids enjoy
* Friendly and easy to use for kids.
* High-score build in.
* Trunky is also available in Danish, Swedish, Russian, German, French and Arabic!

Educational material

English | Swedish | Norwegian| Danish

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