Dr Oddball

Target group: Kindergarten and early school

Learning objectives: Learn about size of numbers, subtractions and addition.

Dr. Oddball teaches your child basic numeracy through fun engaging tasks with balls. Learn how to add, subtract and divide in an entirely new way in the game’s 60 tracks.

The game is aimed at children between 5 and 12 years, but on the harder difficulty levels older children and adults will also find challenges. Try to see if you can solve all tasks 3 stars!

In the game you use the balls with numbers to solve problems. You cut and paste the balls together. The goal is to form balls with the appropriate numbers, so they can be put in the right number-hole. Depending on how well you’ve done the job you get one, two or three stars and then open the next task. To cut and paste with the balls is fun and realistic, this gives the child a better workout in thinking mathematically than simple arithmetic.

– There are more than 60 courses
– 3 difficulty levels
– Learn to count in an innovative way
– Cute graphics and animations

Educational material

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