Target group: Primary, secondary school

Learning objectives: Learn to sort waste properly

Can waste sorting really be fun? With Ways2Sort it can!

Test your waste sorting knowledge and your ability to learn and remember which waste items belong where. Work on your high score by being faster and more accurate.

Ways2Sort aims to educate children on the importance of waste sorting and how to sort waste correctly. The game incorporates factual waste sorting data and methods from different municipalities, which makes it highly customisable and relevant for each individual municipality.

In the game, different waste items are presented to the player, who has to figure out which waste bin to put the items into. The player is introduced to different sorting types, e.g. residual waste, glass, biowaste etc., and different environments, e.g. kitchen, garden and kid’s room.


  • 200 different waste items
  • 6 environments/chapters
  • Bonus levels at the end of each chapter with a different game mechanic to shake things up and test the player in new ways
  • Encyclopedia with an overview of all the sorting types and which waste items belong where
  • Web editor which allows the municipalities who are part of the project to manage the sorting data used in the game
  • Currently available in English, Spanish, Basque, Greek, Italian and Portuguese


Educational material 

Not necessary. Self-directed learning.


Play the game

No longer supported.



Other material

Game manual