Target group: Grade 0-2

Learning objectives: Learn English.

MiniMo Town is a game of fun and learning for children (5-9 years), where you lay the foundation for English. In MiniMo Town children build their own city and help its citizens by spelling English words. But watch out for the naughty monsters who can slime, tickle, fart and tease…

MiniMo World is a magical valley that is occupied by the citizens of the MiniMo Town and the MiniMonsters. Between the mountains and under the beautiful sky there lies the land of MiniMo Town™. A town you can design just as you want with buildings, roads, trees and other decorations.

Magical things happen here quite often, especially around the mighty chimney of the town that pumps out colorful letters that are much needed for the citizens. The town has the most magical way of producing items: spelling. Whenever they need an item, they spell its name and it magically comes to life. That’s why citizens of the MiniMo Town love spelling their favorite things! Some asks for more candy and some asks for a pet! Overall they can always get what they want, as long as they know how to spell it.

On the other hand, in the far, far away lands of the MiniMo World, on the other side of the rivers and behind the mountains there were very naughty MiniMonsters™ who had allegiance to the naughtiness pact. They were determined to do naughty things by using their abilities to the fullest. There were four very well known of them by the MiniMo citizens. Purp the Slime monster, Filch the thief monster, Paw the tickle monster, Oop the fart monster. All of them lived in their little houses in their own world; however, they loved to visit other lands and disturb citizens’ daily activities. Only way to stop them was to share items with them, this would put them under a magical ‘behave-well’ spell and stop them for a period of time.

Key features
– Build and customize your own town – just the way you want
– Meet the slime monster, tickle monsters, fart monster and thief monster
– Lots of small fun actitives like. Get to to saw, hammer, clean, cut, blow, pop
– Discover 4 different unique and amazing worlds
– Learn all the English letters and their pronunciation
– Learn 150 English words
– Learning difficulty adjust to the child
– Play with up to three cities at a time
– Very kidfriendly interface
– No in-app purchases or ads

Educational material 

English | Swedish | Norwegian | Danish


You can find more activities for kids on the MiniMo web-site.


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