Target group: Kindergarten

Learning objectives: Learn about cooking and to follow instructions and recipes.

The cute popular MiniMo monsters from MiniMo Town are back. Now you can bake with them. MiniMo Bakery is a game of fun and learning for children (4-8 years), where you lay the foundation for baking. In the kitchen you of course have the cute MiniMo Monster to help you out in making great cakes. Sometimes the monsters may need a little snack from you to stay happy. In the end the monsters will also give you points to tell you how much they liked your cake.

The cakes you bake follows real recipes and ingredients with a few adjustments where needed to keep it easy. In the game you start with simple recipes with a few ingredients, and then unlocks more complicated ones, as you master the simple ones

You are of course always welcome to make a cake almost however you want – as long as you put in the base ingredients like milk and flour there are endless possibilities.

Key features
– Slice, stir, mix, cook, and bake your own unique cake
– Decorate it with flags, candy, cream and sprinkles
– Choose between 10 recipes, and use +20 ingredients
– Follow the recipe or add your twist to it
– Play and move things around in the kitchen as you like
– Make the cake with your friend the monster
– Meet the three monster judges who give you points for your cake
– Learn the basics of baking
– Explore numerous different recipes
– Very kid friendly interface
– No in-app purchases or third-party ads

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