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Aqua Republica

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“The Aqua Republica game is a game about Water Ressource Management. It is a powerful and engaging teaching tool, designed to engage students and increase both their knowledge and their interest in water-related issues.

The core of Aqua Republica revolves around the computer generated virtual environment; this virtual environment tries to simulate a simplified version of the real world. This is done by combining a scientific model (MIKE HYDRO3) with a game engine and having the two systems communicate and interact with each other while the player is playing the game. The game engine uses the results from the model and is linked to other parameters, such as population, economy and other social issues related to water. In line with the fact that nothing remains constant in real life, the game layer interacts with the scientific model to produce evolving scenarios that players must react to.”

Aqua Republica is a DHI and UNEP-DHI project that focuses on the development and promotion of a not-for-profit serious game in collaboration with a number of partners. It has been supported by Danida.

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